14 Lightroom Tips & Tricks you need to know!

1. You can swiftly switch to the module “Develop” from another module by pressing the D key on your keyboard. 

2. To change quickly a background color of the area surrounding your image, right-click on it and choose the option you like. 

3. To align a horizon press Cmd/ Ctrl on your keyboard.

4. You can select a vertical or horizontal crop using the letter X on a keyboard.

5. You can straighten lines with the Transform tool.

6. To view a photo separately, press the L key. A single-click will make the area around an image gray, double-click will make it black. To return to the initial state, press L again.

7. To hide or show again a side menu, press Tab.

8. You can increase the length and accuracy of the sliders’ settings by simply expanding the toolbar.

9. If you want to make some slight changes to the position of the sliders, just use the Up and Down keys. To do this, move the cursor to the slider you have chosen. If you need to make more significant changes, use Up and Down keys while pressing the Shift key.

10. Square brackets — [and] (again, use English layout) – allow to reduce or increase the size of a brush. The same brackets, but with the Shift key, will decrease or increase the size of the Feather area.

11. You can copy the photo Settings (white balance, lens correction, effects, etc.) to apply them to another photo by right-clicking on the image and selecting the option “Settings.”

12. You can disable or enable the Toolbar in the “Develop” module by right-clicking on the panel and check/uncheck the required tools.  

13. To change the sharpness of the certain areas of an image hold the Alt key and move the “Masking” slider of the “Detail” panel.

14. When working with the “Stamp” and “Retouch” tools (“Spot Removal”), you can use not only points but also lines. Click on the required place on your image and holding the Shift key, click on the another.

Those who just began to learn Lightroom Classic CC may use these helpful tips to improve the workflow while processing images.

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