30+ Branding Identity Mockup Templates for Photoshop

Branding isn’t just what you do. It’s also how you present yourself. So when you’re creating your next branding strategy for your own products or clients, it’s important to take visuals into account.

Yes, you could just create a few versions of the branding materials, and call it a day, letting your client pick the ones they like the most. But let’s be real: it’s one thing to see your design on a computer screen, and it’s another to see it in real life.

What would your design look like on stationery? Would the logo fit on the pen your clients are planning on giving away to their own customers? Does the business card carry the weight of expertise, backed by professional design and structured information?

If you’re a designer, you know how much a single branding identity material can say. It’s a game-changer. So the next time you prepare branding identity materials, look into mockups.

Realistic representations of what your designs would look like in 3D and when placed in various settings, branding identity mockups help you assess your own designs, and convince your clients.

From business cards and coffee cups, to stationery and contextual mockups, there’s something for every project you’re passionate about in this beautiful collection of branding identity mockup templates for Photoshop.

Natural and versatile, this craft branding mockup template set lends itself perfectly to your artistic vision. You’ll get 10 different mockups to create a professional stationery branding kit in Photoshop; from envelopes, to business cards. You can completely adjust colors, backgrounds, and shadows to get beautiful, photo-realistic results.

Craft Branding Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Simple and professional, these branding identity mockup templates are perfect for companies and corporations. You can pick from 3 different styles for phone, envelope, business card, and other mockups. You can hide the ones you don’t want, and easily win over your audience with a photo realistic presentation!

Corporate Identity Branding Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Minimalist and incredibly professional, these isometric corporate branding identity mockups for Photoshop are perfect for B2B audiences! Composed of crucial mockups such as stationery, business cards, small boxes, and envelopes, this set offers a simple way to showcase your design. Add it to your branding toolkit, and wow your clients!

Corporate Identity Branding Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

There’s nothing like the smell of coffee in the morning. Evoke that feeling in your clients with this beautiful coffee cup and business cards mockup template set! It’s easy to customize both the colors and designs of business cards, coffee cups and bags, and sugar packets.

Coffee Cup Business Cards Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Elegant and sophisticated, this stationary branding mockup template set is perfect for your next presentation. Pick from various elements; from standard branding mockups such as business cards and letterheads, to leather files and CDs. You’ll also get 5 different PSD scenes – there really is something for everyone!

Colorful Stationery Branding Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Feminine and elegant, this set of branding identity mockups is perfect for highlighting your stationery designs. Choose from 3 PSD scenes featuring elements such as: envelopes, jewel cases, CDs, brochures, and more. You can easily customize the mockups and change the background in Photoshop to get beautiful and photo-realistic results.

Stylish Stationery Branding Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

If you want your branding identity to shine, choose this corporate identity mockup set. With plenty of elements (which also include lanyard straps, flash drives, lighters, and more), you can make sure that your design fits your clients’ needs. Easily add your work in Photoshop, and delight your audience!

Blank Corporate Identity Set Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Pull your audience into the atmosphere of your designs with this adorable branding identity mockup template set. Featuring two paper cups, sugar bags, and business cards, you’ll get everything you need for simple branding presentation! And the professionally-lit and set scene promises beautiful, photo-realistic results for your presentation.

Coffee Cup Featuring Sugar Packets Business Cards Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Photo-realistic and elegant, this minimal stationery branding mockup template comes with everything you need to share your vision with the world. From flash drives and business cards, to letterheads, and pens, you’ll get plenty of options to showcase your design. You can even edit background textures and colors!

Minimal Stationery Branding Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Perfect for tech brands, this corporate branding identity mockup set for Photoshop has everything you need: 8 photo-realistic PSD scenes, elements such as business cards and letterheads, as well as shopping bags and diaries with decorative elements. Mix and match to get beautiful results that seamlessly combine professional and practical!

Corporate Branding Identity Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Make your branding stand out with this corporate branding identity set! It’s a perfect fit if you’re working on a corporate project, and want to showcase bold logos in colors complementary to black and yellow. Add your branding to mugs, lanyards, envelopes, flash drives, and more!

Black Yellow Corporate Identity Set Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Perfect for showcasing your art, this sketchbook mockup with decorative watercolors and brushes will delight you! It’s really easy to customize; in just a few clicks, you’ll add two designs, your logo, and even customize the notebook color. Let the world see how talented you are!

Sketchbook Mockup Featuring Watercolor Paints Brushes Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Photo-realistic and effective, these branding and stationary mockup templates for Photoshop are perfect for putting your designs in the spotlight. Featuring elements such as business cards, pencils, and tablets, this branding identity set offers incredibly photo-realistic results. You’ll get 7 distinct mockups and replaceable backgrounds for beautiful presentations!

Multiple Blank Branding Stationery Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Fun, yet professional, these branding stationery mockup templates offer everything you need to amaze your clients! With 7 PSD files, and plenty of elements such as: papers, folders, envelopes, badges, tubes, and pencils, you’ll love showcasing your designs. You can easily change the color of backgrounds and elements!

Branding Stationery Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

With an already set scene and endless combinations, these branding identity mockup templates are easy to customize in Photoshop. Pick from a plethora of elements such as coffee cups, letterheads, tubes, and flash drives. Then, combine them as you see fit, replace the background texture, and have fun while presenting!

Stationery Set Scene Creator Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

With photo-realistic scenes and over 60 elements, this versatile stationary branding identity mockup creator is an absolute dreamboat. Add your designs, change the background textures and colors, add layer styles (unlimited foil stamp colors), and more! Add this set to your kit – you can use it for every project!

Stationery Branding Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Realistic and personable, these office stationary branding mockup templates are perfect for friendly, down-to-Earth brands that want to emphasize their personality. With elements like letterheads and CDs, and 5 different scenes, you can easily bring your designs closer to your audience. All it takes is a few clicks in Photoshop!

Office Stationery Branding Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

A professional flat-lay business stationery mockup set, this asset is perfect for presenting your branding identity designs in a simple and straightforward manner. You’ll get a few key elements set against a blue backdrop, such as letterheads, business cards, and envelopes, all easily customizable with Photoshop smart objects.

Business Stationery Set Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Coffee branding and merchandising has never looked this good! This gorgeous set of photo-realistic coffee branding mockups comes with all the elements you need: coffee and sugar bags, cups, shopping bags, brochures, and more! And with 5 beautiful PSD scenes, your audience will really wake up and smell the coffee!

Coffee Branding Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

You’ve never seen a set of branding identity essentials as comprehensive as this one! With five different PSD mockups, and every element under the sun (from lanyards and tubes, to professional business cards and journals), you’ll get everything you need for a perfect corporate branding presentation!

Branding Mockup Essentials Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

If you’re working with a beer brand, it’s time to display your designs in an informal setting. And nothing works better than this mockup template featuring two people clinking beer mugs. You can customize the tablet illustration, as well as the beer bottle labels. Have fun!

Mugs Table Beer Bottles Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Elegant and depicted in earthy tones, Athena branding identity mockup templates are a perfect fit for fashion, beauty, and other aesthetically-conscious brands. You can completely customize the 11 branding mockups: adjust colors, replace the background, and add foil stamping. Make your designs shine with these stunning, photo-realistic branding identity templates!

Athena Branding Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

A pristine 2D and 3D corporate identity mockup templates for Photoshop, this set comes with all the essentials (tablet, phone, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, and more). You can easily customize these branding identity mockup templates with Photoshop smart objects to create professional and photo-realistic presentations your corporate clients will adore.

Corporate Identity Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Nothing says luxury more than this branding identity mockup set! With 6 high-quality background textures, and 11 Photoshop elements, you can paint an atmospheric picture with your designs depicted on leather file covers, crisp envelopes, and business cards that send a clear message: this is a brand you can trust.

Luxury Branding Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

This simple, photo-realistic branding identity mockup template set will help you create a convincing presentation! Pick from 9 incredible mockups, change the background color, and add your designs to: lanyards, envelopes, business cards, and other corporate identity essentials. Save time, and showcase your work with these phenomenal corporate identity mockups!

Branding Identity Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Let your audience get up close and personal with your design through this atmospheric branding mockup kit. The scene is staged – and it’s time for your designs to shine! Change colors and backgrounds, experiment with foil stamping, and make this mockup work for you and your brand.

Blck Branding Kit Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Envision your designs in their true environment: a desk. This corporate branding mockup allows you to add your logos and other graphics to elements such as: screens (laptop, tablet, phone, and Mac), letterheads and envelopes, coffee cups, tubes, and more! Add designs in Photoshop, and your clients will love you!

Corporate Identity Set Desk Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Dynamic and interesting, these branding identity mockup templates are a perfect fit for engaging brands! Easily add your designs to letterheads, tri-fold brochures, calendars, hangers, and more! You’ll definitely get plenty of options, including 2 photo-realistic scenes. Not even the sky is the limit with these branding mockups!

Branding Identity Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Create a stunning brand presentation with these beautiful branding identity mockups. Copperstone branding templates for Photoshop contain 10 PSD files, as well as plenty of options such as selective foil stamping, customizable backgrounds and colors, and more! Professionally lit, these mockups offer incredibly photo-realistic results that your clients will love.

Copperstone Branding Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Working with a coffee brand, or just designing visual identity for coffee lovers? These coffee branding mockup templates are the perfect choice! With plenty of elements (including coffee bags, shopping bags, and labels), and customization options for shadows, backgrounds, and colors, you’ll love creating your next branding presentation!

Coffee Branding Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Can school actually be cool? You bet! These back-to-school and office supplies mockups prove that everything is possible with a design as gorgeous as yours. Pick from plenty of elements (notebooks, screens, envelopes, erasers, glue, and more), adjust the background and colors, and get ready to amaze with your presentation!

Back to School Office Supplies Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Show your brand’s personality! Your design is the first gateway to your brand. And when you’re creating branding identity materials, you have to make sure that they’re enticing and keep the prospect interested in your products.

Fortunately, you no longer have to rely on your hunch. Instead, pick one of these beautiful mockups, and show your clients how they’ll win over their customers. From coffee cups, to stationery mockups, you’ll get plenty of incredible options.

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