CoffeeShop “Daguerreotypes #4” Fine Art Texture Set!



Happy New Year! Probably some of you wonder why I have dropped off the map, but I was simply taking a computer break to spend more time with the family over the holidays. We had a great Christmas and New Year and now I ready to get back to work.

I love textures and one of my passions is finding vintage daguerreotype images and editing them to turn them into beautiful textures and overlays. Yesterday I made a new set of five to share with you and I hope you love them as much as me! 


This week I will post a short tutorial how I use them, but briefly I
normally use Soft Light, Overlay, and/or Screen blending mode for the
texture, and then add a Levels adjustment layer set to Screen blending
mode over the image if the overall edit is too dark. 

Paul gave me
a new Epson Ecotank inkjet printer for Christmas as my old printer
hasn’t worked well for a few years. This one isn’t supposed to clog like
the old ones did, and I won’t use cheap generic ink in it as I think that
ended up clogging up and ruining my old one. The ink supplied in this printer can
potentially last up to 1.5 to 2 years, so I won’t have to stress out if I
print out an 8×10 and it looks cruddy.  In a month or two I will post a little review on it for those of you that are looking to get a new photo printer.

I have so many empty places on
my walls that need some art so I am so excited to start printing again!

I also wanted to mention that I am going back and updating my older download links. I used to post two links (Mediafire and Dropbox), but the Dropbox account has been closed. Years ago Mediafire links weren’t encrypted and verified (HTTPS), so they all start with HTTP. The link redirects to the secure HTTPS site, but apparently links that don’t have that “S” won’t work on some browsers. If you find a download on one of my older posts and it doesn’t work, please leave a comment and I will fix it. Until I get to it, you can copy the link to notepad or your web browser and change the HTTP to HTTPS in the address and the link will work

Download the CoffeeShop “Daguerreotypes #4” Fine Art Texture Set

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