CoffeeShop “Heavenly Foil Papers” & Photoshop/PSE Tutorial!


OK, I think this is probably the last Christmas design post of the year. I am so sorry I am so far behind this season, I just had a lot going on last month and didn’t have enough energy/creatively to design. But I am back in the saddle, finally. And it feels so good!

Today I wanted to share a pack of foil digital papers. They aren’t just for Christmas, you can use them year round. These are gorgeous used alone as digital paper on designs or clipped to text or frames to add some beautiful shimmer. I have a tutorial below on some of the ways you can use them and I even show you how I can customize the colors to match colors in your image!

These papers come with free commercial terms-of-use, like everything I post on my blog. So have fun with them!

CoffeeShop “Heavenly Foil Papers” Tutorial:

I am going to show you how to add these foil papers to text to make it gloriously shimmery!

Add Text: Add your text to the image. I used the free Leckerli font for this tutorial. This is one of my favorite decorative texts and I love that you can use it commercially for free.

Add Gold Foil: File or drop and drag the foil paper on top of the text.

Free-Transform, Cntr (Cmd)-T, and drag it to fit over the text.

Clip it to the text as seen in the screenshot above. Clip the gold texture to the text layer. To do this, click to select the “CoffeeShop Gold Foil” layer  and go to Layer Create Clipping Mask on the top menubar. Alternatively, select the gold texture and hold down the alt/option key while holding the mouse cursor between the two layers. When you see a little white box show up, click on it and the gold texture layer will be grouped to the text layer below it.

Add Rose Foil: I wanted to add both the gold and rose gold papers to this text. So I placed and grouped the rose gold texture on top as seen in the screenshot above.

I added a layer mask to the rose gold layer.

And then I clicked to select that layer mask and used a hard 100% opacity black brush on the letters I wanted to appear gold. I think this is so pretty!

Bevel and Emboss Text: If you want to add some dimension to your text, click on the text layer and go to the top menubar and click Layer < Layer Style and select Drop Shadow or Bevel and Emboss and adjust the settings to taste.

Add Foil Frame: It is really easy to add a foil frame. 

With the top layer selected, grab your rectangular Marquee tool (M) and draw in the frame as seen above. Then go to the top menubar and click Select < Reverse.

Add a Color Fill layer, any color on top. Don’t clip this to anything!

Add the rose gold foil on top of the Color Fill layer and clip it to it. Now you have a beautiful pink shimmery frame!

Changing the Foil Color: It is also very easy to customize the foil paper color to match your image. I followed the steps above and added the gold foil to the text “JOY”.

I added a Color Fill layer that was the color of her hat (I clicked to select that color) and then clipped that layer to the gold layer.

I put the Color Fill layer in Color blending mode. As you can see it is too light.

To darken the color and add contrast, I added and clipped a Levels Adjustment layer to the Color Fill layer and adjusted the shadow/midtone sliders to taste. I love this color, it is so pretty.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and get some use from these papers.

Download the CoffeeShop “Heavenly Foil Paper Set”!

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