CoffeeShop “Heavenly Light” Photoshop/PSE Editing Kit Revisted!


I have been going through my older actions and finding some real jewels. Today I wanted to revisit “Heavenly Light”. This is an editing kit that contains a Photoshop/PSE action, sun-flare overlay, and two painterly textures.

I wanted to post some new example edits I did today using the kit. 

There are a few notes I wanted to mention about using this action. The matte-effect layer is too strong, so I always have to turn down the opacity quite a bit if I decide to apply it. I enlarge the sun-flare overlay so that it covers a significant part of the sky. I mainly use Soft Light or Screen blending mode for the sun-flare overlay depending on the effect I am after, but if I used Screen I painted most of it off faces in portraits. I sometimes make several copies of the sun-flare and use different sizes and blending modes together. The optional textures included are OK, but I have so many  free gorgeous textures and overlays here on my blog please don’t limit yourself! 

Here are some edits using “Heavenly Light” The editing kit and tutorial can be found on this post.



The “Heavenly Light” Editing Kit and Photoshop/PSE Tutorial can be found here!

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