CoffeeShop “Just the Texture” Fine Art Kit



Today I wanted to share a new fine art texture kit. This set has four unique textures that include cracks, paint, and vintage-aged effects on a transparent background. They can be combined with any of my other textures or even used alone for a really nice effect. 


I love using textures on my images, but sometimes I want to add a textured effect to one of my already made texture or overlay. I created this new overlay set by editing different textures and removing everything from the background other than the specific texture I wanted to highlight. 

For example, the painted texture in this kit has a painterly texture on a transparent background. Add each of these textures to your image in Multiply, Screen, Soft Light or Overlay blending mode to get different effects along with another texture of your choice. I also love to invert the textures (making them white). You can also clip a Color Fill adjustment layer to them to change the colors. 

You can use these textures alone on your images, but I really think they shine used with another texture.

Here is the original image.

I added one of my Catlin textures on top in Overlay blending mode.

I added the TexK1b texture in this set to the image in Overlay. 

You could clip a Color Fill layer to the texture to change the distressing color.

Then I inverted the texture (made the texture white). This give a completely different effect. I erased the texture off the flower.

This is texture TexK1d inverted so it is white and put in Soft Light blending mode.

I hope you have fun playing with this kit and adding additional texture to your images!

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