How To Apply Lightroom Presets by BeArt-Presets to Video

If you want to import video, you just have to do the same way you import a photo. You just need to select a file, import then drag and drop. The only difference is your file name extension. It reflects the video format instead of NEF, JPEG, CR2, DNG, or TIFF.

Hand editing and applying favorite presets by BeArt-Presets

Lightroom will never allow you to edit videos in the develop module. If you click outside the library module, you will automatically get the message that reads, Video is not supported. Just as you can do with a photo, you’re free to edit overall exposure and white balance among others. You can edit white balance and exposure on your video in the library module. It is also important to note that you can apply presets by just clicking on the preset tab. Lightroom will come in multiple presets that have been perfectly customized for video editing.

Lightroom editing also allows you to apply your favorite Lightroom Presets to the video. It is good to know that most of the adjustments applied to pictures aren’t applicable with videos in Lightroom. You will note that white balance, exposure and color tones of your selected presets will apply to videos in the Lightroom. If you prefer the appearance of specific preset, there are higher chances that it may look similar when applied to video.

Capturing stills

Of course, every person loves a freeze frame. If you’d like to capture a still image, you can simply do so by just clicking at the rectangle at the bottom end of play menu. At this point, you need to select capture frame. If you want to view your still frame, you need to be in grid setting. If you want to set grid view, you can simply do so by clicking on the arrow on the left. If you’re already in grid view setting, you can right click so as to unstack the still frame. If you want to view the still photo, you need to navigate out of the previous import.

Trimming your video

Of course, you cannot splice clips together, but you can trim your video. For you to trim off the time, you need to trim off time from the beginning of the video. The slider on the left will make it easy for you to trim off time from the end.

Exporting your video

This is simple. You can simply export your video the same way you export photos. Set your video to maximum quality and then click the export option.

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