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How to Create a Lightroom Sldeshow

How to Create a Stunning Lightroom Slideshow

Most users of Adobe Lightroom typically only use two modules: the Library module and the Develop module. There is another Lightroom module which is really fantastic, but is often overlooked because so few people know how to use… the Slideshow Module

The Slideshow module was added to Lightroom to allow photographers to easily create a slideshow of their images, for either professional or personal use.

Using the Slideshow module, you can design how the slides will look, add your personal photography branding, add text overlays to express thoughts and  memories. You can even add transition effects and an audio track!

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I have created many Lightroom slideshows, and it is a very fun process! I often create slideshows for wedding albums, so my wedding clients can preview the layout in video format. It makes the process extra special for the bride and usually gets her that much more excited about her wedding album. 

Lightroom Slideshow

Just follow the steps below to create a stunning slideshow of your very own in Lightroom.

Step 1. Put the Slideshow Images in a Collection

Lightroom collections are an organizational tool that all the modules in Lightroom recognize. Before you start preparing your slideshow, make sure that you have all the images edited and ready to go. Then, while you’re in the Develop Module, select all the images you want included in your slideshow.

When all of your images are selected, move over to the left side of the Develop Module and locate the Collections Panel. Click on the “+” in the corner of the module and choose “Create Collection”.

Adobe Lightroom Slideshow Templates

In the panel that opens, give your collection a name and make sure the “Include Selected Photos” box is checked. Click “Create” when you are finished. Now you are ready to move on to the Slideshow Module!

Adobe Lightroom Slideshow

Step 2. Open the Slideshow Module

This is an easy step! Just navigate to the Slideshow module. If you have never ventured past the Develop Module, this will be fun. You will find the Slideshow Module located 3 modules over from the Develop Module or 2 modules from the right side!

All your images should be available in the bottom filmstrip. Use the Options Panel on the right side of the Slideshow Module to customize how the images will look in the slideshow. You can add a Stroke Border and change the color to what  you like. You can also add “Cast Shadow” (Lightroom’s term for drop shadow).

Lightroom Slideshow Tutorial

Step 3. Customize the Background

This really is an optional step. However, it will add a bit more character to your slideshow if you customize the background a little bit. 

You can choose to set a new background color and add a color wash.  You can also choose to add a background image. If you choose either of these options, you can adjust the opacity of either option to get it just right for your images.

Step 4. Add Intro and Ending Screens

This part is pretty obvious, but an intro screen will appear at the start of your slideshow and ending screen at the end. You can choose to add either one or both.

Personally, I think adding an ending screen is a nice way to finish off a slideshow.  Any of your identity plates will work for this. You can even create one specifically for the slideshow by checking the Identity Plate option for either the Intro or Ending Screen and using the arrow in the bottom corner to customize an identity plate.

Lightroom Slideshow Transition Effects

Step 5. Add Music to Your Slideshow & Customize the Video Playback

This is a fun step! To add music to your slideshow, just click on the “+” and navigate to a music file on your computer that you would like to use. Music files in mp3 format have worked well for me.

Lightroom Slideshow Music

Once you have selected your music, use the Playback Panel to add some final touches to the way your slideshow will play. You can choose to have your slides sync up with the music and your slides will now change with the music rhythm. 

You can also choose to fit the slides to the length of the music, turn on audio pan and zoom, and of course choose the speed. 

One of the last settings you can choose in this panel is the audio quality. You have three options: High, Standard, and Draft. High or standard will be the best options.

How to Make a Photo Slideshow with Music and Text

Step 6. Export the Lightroom Slideshow

You are almost done – just one last step!

Exporting your slideshow video is as easy as selecting “Export Video”.  A window will open that will allow you to name your video and choose the location you would like to save it to.

You can also choose the resolution in this window. Choose 720p if you are planning to share this video online (just make sure you have rights to the music if you are going to do this) and 1080p if you want to view this in high resolution.

Best Way to Make a Photo Slideshow

Exporting the slideshow can take a little while, especially if you have many images in your slideshow. Be patient, the results will be worth it!!

If you want to save the slideshow and come back to work on it later, just click “Create Saved Slideshow” in the upper right hand corner of the main window.

Save Your Adobe Slideshow

Now it’s Time to Create Your Own Lightroom Slideshow!

Do you need more help or want to see someone else walk through these steps?

Below is a fantastic video tutorial created by Tina Auten, one of our Pretty Team members, that will guide you through the Slideshow Module and hopefully encourage you to start making your own Lightroom slideshow today!

Video Tutorial: How to Use Lightroom’s Slideshow Module

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