How to Light a Group Portrait

It takes a lot of skill and experience to light a portrait of a single person, but lighting groups can be an entirely different challenge. Nonetheless, depending what you shoot, you may be called upon to photograph groups. When that happens, you will want to be ready to transition quickly. This great video tutorial will show you an effective and straightforward approach for producing quality group photos. 

Coming to you from Jay P Morgan of The Slanted Lens, this awesome video tutorial will show you how to light and photograph a group portrait. As you will see Morgan show, one of the keys with group portraits is creating even and uniform lighting, as you do not want to emphasize any member of the group than another, whether through a different style of lighting or changes in brightness. As such, you should aim for pragmatic and efficient setups, as you will often be under a bit of time pressure, especially if you are shooting something like corporate groups or weddings. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Morgan.

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