How To Scale Layer Styles in Photoshop


When you scale a layer that has a Layer Style applied to it, you’ll notice that the style will not scale along with the layer.

For example, if you apply a stroke of 20 pixels on a layer, using Free Transform to scale the image larger or smaller, Photoshop will not scale the Layer Styles. The layer will still have a stroke of 20 pixels applied to it.

If the Layer Styles don’t scale along with the layer, then the style that you applied will not the way that you intended them to.

How To Scale Layer Styles in Photoshop

  1. Select The Layer in The Layers Panel
  2. Choose Layer > Layer Style > Scale Effects

    Alternatively you could right-click on the “FX” icon and select “Scale Effects.”

  3. Enter a Percentage or Drag The Slider
  4. Select Preview to Preview The Changes In The Image

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