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How to use Lightroom's Transform Tool to Fix Perspective

Using the Transform Tool in Lightroom

Sometimes a captured image can have it perspective skewed, either because of the photographer’s position to the subject, or even because of the the lens that was used to take the photo.

This can be fixed this by using the Transform Tool in Lightroom 6 and CC.  If you are using Lightroom 4 or 5, you will make manual adjustments in the Lens Correction Panel.

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Tammy recorded an awesome video, which you can watch below, showing how to use the “Manual” feature in the Lens Correction panel to bring one side of an image closer, so that it matches the opposite side.  

This was before the Lightroom Transform tools were pulled out of the Lens Correction panel. I have used the Lens Correction/Transform panels many times to do similar things to photos, pushing away part of an image or pulling it forwards. The image below shows the Transform panel below the Lens Correction panel, as well as the various sliders you have available.

Lightroom Transform Tool

Reminder: Tammy shows how to use the transform tools and sliders located in her Lens Correction panel. If you have Lightroom 6 or CC, you will find these tools and sliders in the new Lightroom Transform panel.

How to Use the Lightroom Transform Tool – Video Tutorial

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