It’s Time to Update (or Create) Your Lightroom Classic 2021 Copyright Preset


For those of you who prefer written instructions rather than watching a video, here’s an article from a few years ago explaining how to create and apply a copyright metadata preset.

Exporting Copyright and Contact Information: If you want your copyright and contact information to tag along with your photos when you export copies, then in the Metadata section of the Export dialog towards the bottom be sure to choose Copyright and Contact Info (or All Metadata). This information will then tag along with your photos in the file properties data — it will not be written across your photos. To write information onto your photos themselves, use the Watermarking functionality in the Export dialog.

Viewing the Information: In the video above I show you how to view the information you have added using the Metadata panel in Lightroom Classic. People can also view this information using Adobe Bridge. On Mac, it can also be viewed in Preview: Open the photo in Preview, go to Tools>Show Inspector, click on the information tab (i), and then the IPTC tab. In Windows Explorer, right-click on your file, choose Properties and go to the Details tab – this will show the copyright, but not the contact information.

Happy New Year, everyone – I hope you have a happy, healthy and photographically-inspired 2021!


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