Juggling a Bunch of Filters? The Haida M10 Filter Pouch Has You Covered


Essentials is a series featuring products we’re currently lusting over in quick, bite-sized posts. Today, we’re looking at the Haida M10 Filter Pouch.

Neutral density filters and circular polarizers are essential tools for many landscape photographers. They control the amount of light camera sensors are exposed to and help reduce glare. Outdoor lighting conditions can be unpredictable and vary greatly depending on the time of day and weather conditions. Consequently, you’ll often find landscape photographers carrying numerous filters of varying strengths to compensate (let’s not forget the filter holder and adapter rings too). That’s a lot of moving parts to toss into your camera bag. If you’re one of these photographers, the Haida M10 Filter Pouch may be just what you need (especially if you’re using Haida’s M10 Filter Holder System).

The Haida M10 Filter Pouch has a minimalist design. It looks quite understated save for the logo and the few red accents. The exterior of the M10 Filter Pouch is weather resistant thanks to its nylon exterior. In the event that you get caught in the rain while carrying the filter pouch, the filters within will remain dry. It’s not weatherproof, however, so you’ll want to be careful using the pouch near large bodies of water. For the photographers that want to carry the bare essentials, a detachable shoulder strap is included with the Haida M10 Filter Pouch. With the shoulder strap attached, you can carry the M10 Filter Pouch over your shoulder as if it were a messenger bag (a tiny one). You can conceivably carry just your camera, a tripod, and the filter pouch and have the bare essentials needed to photograph long exposure landscapes.

While most ND filters and CPLs come with their own protective cases, they can take up a lot of room inside your camera bag. They’re also not the easiest things to keep organized. Some protective cases that come with ND and CPL filters are also opaque. You’d have to open each of them up to see what filter is within. Unless each filter case is clearly labeled, you’ll inevitably end up having to rummage through your bag to find the correct filter case. Any photographer who’s had to do this in the field will understand how much of a pain it can be.

With the Haida M10 Filter Pouch, you can keep the M10 Filter Holder and up to eight of your filters stored neatly in one place. The top cover of the Haida M10 Filter Pouch is secured using velcro. It does a good job of keeping water from entering the pouch’s front pocket and main cavity. A red zipper pull can be found on each side of the filter pouch. They’re used to slim down the filter pouch’s profile when not in use.

Unzipping both zippers allows the M10 Filter Pouch’s main cavity to expand like an accordion. This makes it easy to store and retrieve stored filters from the filter pouch. It’s similar to a filing cabinet in a way. The front pocket of the M10 Filter Pouch has enough room for the M10 Filter Holder along with a few adapter rings. The main pouch itself can accommodate traditional 100 mm x 100 mm or 100 mm x 150 mm filters along with Haida’s own M10 Drop-In filters. The interior of the M10 Filter Pouch is made from a grey suede material to keep your filters protected. Although designed with the M10 Filter Holder in mind, the front pocket should be able to fit most competing filter holders available on the market.

The Haida M10 Filter Pouch is a compact and well designed storage solution for photographers who work with multiple filters often. If you’re already using Haida’s excellent M10 Filter Holder System, then the M10 Filter Pouch is a must have. At just US $34.90, it’s an affordable accessory that will help keep all of your pricey filters neatly and safely organized within your camera bag. Say goodbye to having to juggle a stack of filter cases forever. For photographers who prefer to carry as little gear as possible, you can even use the M10 Filter Pouch by itself as a mini messenger style filter bag. It’s available now from Amazon.


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