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Over at my Instagram feed, questions about lighting regularly pop up. So, at least occasionally, I use my blog to try to offer some answers. Latest round of questions come from a pic of Fallon Rivers, who is a wonderful model, stylist and overall presence in and around Nashville.

Shot at 1/4000th, f2 on a Nikkor 200mm f2 telephoto, ISO 200, on a D810. Min DOF, resulting in high speed sync. Light shaper is a Lastolite 4 in 1 umbrella, in shoot-through mode, and it is fitted with a Tri-flash, holding three Speedlights. Hair highlights and the shoulder rim light are the sun. One light source, camera right. Done. Shot on the farm that belonged to Johnny Cash, out in Bon Aqua, Tennessee. Fallon is Johnny’s grand niece. I was awestruck being at Johnny’s out-in-the country refuge, where he often went just to be quiet and write music. It’s beautiful there.

My introduction to this lovely family came from Cookeville, Tennessee’s own Jane Ellen, DJ, internet wizard and one smart, sassy lady. Gotta bring your game when you work with Jane Ellen. Via this introduction, it was very special to meet and photograph Johnny’s younger sister, Joanne, who is Nashville royalty, of course, and has many albums of her own. Very proud to have one of my pictures on the cover of her current CD! She is a soulful, beautiful person, with an amazing voice. The banner pic up above is Miss Joanne, in Johnny’s study, with the Man in Black guitar.

Also, I have to apologize. In my original Instagram post, I made a typo, and called my lens a 2000mm f2. I hope the Nikon switchboard isn’t lighting up. I could play along and say, yep, that’s it, only one in the world, and it travels around the country by flat-bed rail car. 🙂 But, alas, it is nothing more than a typo.

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