Lightroom 6 People View Crashing: The End of The Road Draws Nearer?

Lightroom 6 perpetual-license users are now reporting that upon entering People view to work on face-tagging, that Lightroom 6 immediately crashes. Users have found that if they set their computer system date back, to December 1, for example, that it doesn’t crash and they can continue to face-tag. This suggests that the issue may be caused by an expiring license of the third-party face recognition software that Adobe licensed – but there is no confirmation from Adobe on this.

Setting your system date back is not a feasible ongoing solution for most users, but if Lightroom 6 is now immediately crashing upon starting, users are reporting that you can resolve this as follows (though I have not been able to test this):

  • Temporarily set your system date back
  • Open Lightroom 6
  • Exit People view (type G to go to Grid view, for example)
  • Close Lightroom 6
  • Set your system date back to today

Lightroom 6 should then open successfully – but you’ll need to stay out of People view.

Here’s a post on the Adobe bug/feedback forum, where you can watch for other fixes developed by Lightroom users.

Here’s an article from PetaPixel on this issue.

What Your Options Are to Have  Fully Functional Application – Subscribe or Leave Adobe

Obtaining a fully functional Lightroom application now requires subscribing to an Adobe plan. Your options are then to use Lightroom Classic, which is the newer version of Lightroom 6, or switch to to to the simplified cloud-based Lightroom applications. For assistance in deciding which to use, watch my recorded webinar comparing the two applications.

If you decide to subscribe and use Lightroom Classic, consider my Lightroom Fundamentals & Beyond video series, updated through the latest Lightroom Classic version – you’ll find a video in this on how to upgrade from Lightroom 6, and many videos covering all the new features added since Lightroom 6.

The other alternative is to move to a competing application from a company other than Adobe. I have not had time to do sufficient research to advise you on which may best meet your needs, but there is lots out there on the web comparing alternatives. (I would google “Lightroom Classic alternatives”.)

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