Lightroom Classic 9.0 Released with Content-Aware Panorama Fill Edges and More

Creative Cloud Photography Program PricingHow to Update:

To update, go to Help>Updates, and in the Creative Cloud app that opens, click on Update next to Lightroom Classic. If the update is not listed in the CC app and if your operating system is supported by Classic 9.0, then click on the three dots in the top right and choose Check for App Updates. If it’s still not there and it’s the day of release, then try later. Otherwise try signing out and signing in again.

Once Lightroom Classic 9.0 downloads and installs, it will prompt you for approval to upgrade your Lightroom catalog. This upgrade will copy your old catalog and upgrade the copy, most likely appending “-2” (or a later number) to your catalog file name. After the upgrade is complete, you can close Lightroom and rename the catalog and related files if you wish to – watch my video tutorial on how to safely rename your Lightroom catalog. (For more details on updating to Classic 9.0, read my article on this topic.)

If you have not updated since before Classic 8.3:  Because the app name changed to Lightroom Classic from Lightroom Classic CC, your Lr dock or desktop icon will most likely no longer work. Remove it from your dock or delete it from your desktop, then on Mac in Finder go into Applications, open the Lightroom Classic folder and drag the application to your dock. On PC, in File Explorer go into Program Files, open the Lightroom Classic folder, right-click on the application and choose Send to Desktop (and/or Taskbar).

When to Update:

I don’t have any indication that things won’t go smoothly with this update; that said, it can’t hurt to wait a week to see if others experience issues, unless you need the update urgently. If I hear of serious issues with this release I will post them here in this section – please check here rather than emailing me.

Click here to check for bug reports and to report bugs or issues that you encounter.

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