Lightroom Mobile 5.0: Batch Editing for iOS and Advanced Export for Android

You’ll need to have iOS 12.3 and later to run Lightroom iOS 5.0.

Batch editing, which was already available on Android, has now  come to iOS – copy edit settings from one image and paste them to many.

First, copy edit settings from one photo – click on the three-dot icon (#1 below), choose Copy Settings (#2), select which settings you want to copy (#3), drilling down into individual sections if needed (#4), then tap on the checkmark (#5) to complete the copying.

Lightroom Mobile iOS: Batch Editing - Copy Settings

Next, select multiple images and paste: go to grid view, tap on the three dots (#1 below), choose Select (#2), then tap on images to select them. Next, don’t tap on Done (this gets me all the time!) – instead tap on Paste (#4 at the bottom). Depending on how many images you selected, pasting may take a while.

Lightroom Mobile iOS: Batch Editing - Paste Settings

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