Manage Risk Like an Entrepreneur


In this episode, we dig into the importance of taking creative risks. We all know that some risk is necessary. Simply said, you cannot stand out and fit in at the same time. If you’re not sharing your work, you’re hiding, and this tends to compound on itself. Once you start hiding, you stop growing.

Creativity requires taking risks and embracing failure. Failure is the forward propulsion toward success and the sooner we can change our perspective around it, we easier it is to muster the courage to face the fears that are holding us back.

Some topics we get into:

    • The danger of hiding and not sharing your creative work
    • The importance of taking risks to grow as an artist
    • The role of mistakes in the creative process
  • The value of having fun and making an array of bets to play longer
  • The importance of assessing risks and anticipating problems


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