No More Unlimited Google Drive Storage for GSuite Users (Now Google Workspace)

For photographers that were enjoying the (basically) unlimited storage that came as part of their $USD 12 per month G Suite subscription, those days look like they will be in the past as the company transitions that service over into the new Google Workspace branding.

PetaPixel is reporting that the switch to Workspace will tack on an extra $USD 8 per month as well as some new features for a limit of “2 TB for individual Business Standard users and 5 TB per person on its new Business Plus plan” according to PetaPixel. The website also reports that users who need more storage will need to go up to the “Enterprise” tier which will require contacting a sales representative from Google. Naturally, you can get as much storage as you could ever need at this level. The website also reports that current G Suite subscribers can stick with their current plan for the immediate future but that, eventually, everyone is going to be transitioned over to the new Google Workspace platform.

A Google spokesperson told Android Police about the change, “ A relatively small number of organizations in a few specific industries actually realize the full benefit of unlimited storage. With the new editions, we’re providing more value with features that are useful to more customers, like Meet recordings in the new Business Standard edition, while maintaining pricing and plentiful storage. And with the Enterprise editions, available to customers of all sizes, more storage can be requested if needed.”

Do you use GSuite (Google Workspace)? What do you think of this change? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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