Photographing Your Own Kids (+ FREE e-Guide & Video)

Tips for Photographing Your Own Kids

Photographing Your Own Kids

I believe photographing your own children is mostly about telling a story. We want to remember today. We always want to remember the feelings and beauty of our time together. And we want to have treasured memories of those closest to us for years to come!

When all is said and done, we want to capture the moments around us now and we want to tell the stories happening around us every day! We want this just as much as we want the beautiful portrait hanging on the wall!

Photographing Your Own Kids

One of the great benefits of photographing your own kids is that you don’t have to be squeamish about touching them and actually putting them in the pose. You know what they’re thinking. You don’t have to wonder what the parents will think or if the shot will sell well in prints.

Candid moments are priceless glimpses into the day-to-day life of your family. That is constantly changing, so it’s important to capture it now.

Photographing Your Own Kids

Realize that posing is sometimes important when photographing your own children, especially when you want to give your family the gift of beautiful wall art. Isn’t the saying “the shoemaker’s children have no shoes” so true for photographers at times?

When you introduce posing into your personal work, you’ll find it much easier to create wall-worthy images. We promise!

We have put together 2 amazing FREE resources for you to help you photograph your own kids!

1. FREE Photographing Your Own Kids eGuide

This essential guide for photographing your own children includes more information on topics like:

        • Telling Your Family Story in Photos
        • Capturing Relationships with Your Children
        • Tips for Taking Peaceful Photographs of Your Kids
        • How to Take Interesting Photos of You Children
Click here or on the image below to download our Photographing Your Own Kids eGuide.

Photographing Your Own Kids eGuide

2. FREE Photographing Your Own Kids Workshop Video

This FREE 40 minute photography training workshop includes so much information on photographing your children including:

        • Posing outdoors & in studio
        • Shooting in harsh sunlight & cloudy weather
        • Finding locations
        • Interacting with kids
        • Using reflectors, flashes & light scoops
        • How to find photographic personalities of kids
        • How to hold your camera
        • Indoor & outdoor lighting
        • Mastering manual settings
        • Different lenses and when to use
        • Capturing action & lifestyle images
        • And so much more!

You can access this FREE workshop in our Pretty Presets & Actions Facebook Group. Click here to join our awesome community of over 66,000 photographers.  There is so much information packed in this fun workshop, you won’t want to miss it!

Free Mini Workshop

We hope this blog post, eGuide and video workshop will inspire you to have some fun photographing your children, capturing your family, all while making sweet memories to treasure for years to come!

A big thank you to the talented Tammy Porter from Porter’s Wife, Child Photographer for the perfect images seen here and in our eGuide. 

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