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How to Pose Kids for Photos

I love photographing kids. They are generally happy, playful, and ready to be photographed. Many times, however, they need a little warming up to begin with. Take time with them and get to know them. Be genuine and work to make the children you photograph your friends.

Whoever your subject is, they will look best if they are comfortable. This is definitely true with kids. Avoid poses that are awkward for them or difficult to do.

Simple poses that they already do on a regular basis are best (cross-legged, hands in their pockets, holding hands, etc). And don’t be afraid to show them some of their photos. Children love checking out the back of a camera and love to see what they look like in their photos.

Today’s Posing Tips focuses on ways to engage with kids and get them to reveal their true selves for your camera.

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Kid Posing Tip #1: Relaxed Posing

The term “kids” encompasses a wide range of maturity levels. Depending on the age of the kids, your posing should range somewhere between no posing and relaxed posing. Your best bet is to keep your posing simple and incorporate simple poses they already do naturally. 

Some options might include having them sit naturally on stairs or having them sit with their legs crossed on the ground. The older your subjects are the more posing you can ask of them or show them posing-wise.

As you talk with the child and build a relationship with them, you will get their eye contact and their authentic smiles if you share something funny. Be prepared for opportunities to capture natural moments and unique expressions.

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Kid Posing Tip #2: Engagement

Don’t undervalue the simple task of talking with your child subjects. Find out what things they like and ask them questions about it. Whether it is Lego’s or Barbie’s, be interested in what they love and they will engage back. Jokes are also a fun way to get smiles and laughs from older kids. Simple jokes are usually best.

It can sometimes be difficult to engage from behind a camera.  So don’t be afraid to lower the camera or shoot from the hip (i.e. photographing without looking through the viewfinder).

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Kid Posing Tip #3: Be Silly

Kids are generally silly and they usually respond well to adults being silly, too. Those notoriously “fake” smiles they pull out when being photographed will fade as they feel comfortable and interact with you in silly ways. Pull out your silliest tricks and brush up on your very best jokes (for the older ones). This will keep them having fun and keep the fake smiles away!

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