Shutterstock and Facebook Come Together to Help Small Businesses Engage More Customers with Ads


This combined effort will give small business owners access to Shutterstock’s 350+ million photos and the ability to create thumb-stopping Facebook ads — at no extra cost

As much of the workforce continues to operate from home, small business owners are increasingly expected to think outside the box to engage new customers and maintain revenue. In-store merchants, in particular, have made great efforts to keep their businesses open and safe, offering new experiences and options like curbside pickup, contactless delivery and limiting in-store capacity.

With clear restraints around what these merchants can do in person, establishing a digital presence has been all but necessary to attract new customers. It’s no surprise that many are relying heavily on digital platforms and creative tools to build brand awareness and increase sales.  

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Empowering small business owners to reach more customers with Facebook Ads

To help small businesses find more success in 2021, Shutterstock and Facebook are now providing online merchants with quick access to Shutterstock’s library of 350+ million high-quality images to create engaging Facebook ads and drive potential sales.

Small businesses will have direct access to Shutterstock’s world-class content across more of Facebook’s ad creation tools.

How the integration works

In the past, businesses were directed to the Facebook Ads Manager to access Shutterstock imagery to create ads.

Now, we are also providing coverage across a variety of tools small businesses use to create new ads.  Here’s how it works:

1. Set a goal. After logging into the ad creation tool, small businesses can first choose a goal to ensure their ads are optimized for performance. Goals include:

  • Get more calls
  • Get more website visitors
  • Boost a post
  • Get more messages
  • Promote your page
  • Promote your business locally
  • Get more leads

2. Access Shutterstock images directly. When building the ad creative, advertisers can access professional Shutterstock images directly from within the ad creation experience.

To access these images, simply select “Browse Media”, choose “Stock Images”, and then search by keyword. With more than 350+ images and advanced search capabilities, businesses of all sizes can easily find the perfect asset for their campaign.

3. Preview ads and promote. Once an image is selected, they can preview the creative across Facebook’s mobile and desktop advertising products, including Instagram.

When they’re happy with their ad, they can select “Promote Now” and set a budget. Once the ad has been reviewed and approved by Facebook, promotion will begin across the platform.

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Now, it will be easier for businesses with fewer resources to integrate beautiful photography into Facebook ads and reach their target markets. This integration also offers a solution to the “blank canvas” problem that many small businesses face when creating ads and websites. 

Conquering the blank canvas

Today, many online merchants face a “blank canvas” problem: not knowing where to start and how to best showcase their businesses online when creating digital ads.

Now, with Shutterstock integrated across more of Facebook’s ad creation tools, small businesses can quickly access stunning visuals and create ads that drive performance. This solves a huge pain point for small businesses, for whom a lack of strong visual content often delays the launch of online content and the potential to engage more customers. 

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With the integration, small businesses will also have direct access to Shutterstock content at no additional cost beyond the price of their advertising investment. Shutterstock’s images are fully commercially licensed and available for use in all Facebook ad formats. Thanks to Shutterstock’s API and search capabilities, these images will be easily searchable and accessible across more tools for ad creation.

Our recent work with Facebook represents one more way that Shutterstock is helping businesses of all sizes engage potential customers and boost performance. For small business owners who are pressed for content and resources, this partnership makes marketing communication easier and more effective, and helps small businesses engage the audiences they’re trying to reach with high-impact messages. 

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