Sigma’s new 61MP fp L adds more resolution and optional EVF to original fp: Digital Photography Review

Published Mar 25, 2021

dpreview staff

Sigma has announced a high-resolution version of its ultra-compact, full-frame fp, known as the fp L. This new model adds a 61 Megapixel full-frame sensor (almost certainly based on the sensor used in the Sony a7R IV), a hybrid autofocus system, true 24p video capture and support for USB Power Delivery.

There’s also an optional new electronic viewfinder that screws onto the side of the camera. It uses the USB and HDMI ports on that side of the camera, with the USB port offering a pass-through (HDMI does not). The EVF adds a headphone socket (something not offered on the body of the camera). The electronic viewfinder has 3.68 million dots and a large magnification of 0.83x, and can be tilted upwards. One quirk of its design is that there is no automatic eye sensor: you have to use a button to manually toggle between the LCD and EVF.

Otherwise, little has changed compared to the original fp. The fp L is the smallest camera in its class at 113 x 70 x 45mm (4.4 x 2.8 x 1.8″) and weighs just 427g (13.2oz) with battery and memory card installed. It’s also sealed against dust and moisture. Due to its size, the fp L only has an electronic shutter, which results in a 1/15 sec flash sync speed and the possibility of rolling shutter.

The fp L can capture UHD 4K 30p video internally and can output 12-bit Cinema DNG Raw to an external SSD. It can also output a Raw video feed over HDMI that can be encoded as ProRes RAW or Blackmagic RAW, depending on what type of recorder you attach. High speed FullHD recording at up to 120 fps is supported, though with a crop.

The Sigma fp L will be available in mid-April for $2499 body-only, or $2999 with the EVF. The EVF-11, as it is officially known, will be sold on its own for $699, and is compatible with the original fp.

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