Skyulm software continues to tease new features of its Luminar 4 software that is scheduled to be released this fall. Like the AI Sky Replacement and AI Structure filters we have already heard of, AI Skin Enhancer and Portrait Enhancer make use of machine learning to automate tasks like selections, masks and layers stacking, reducing the time it takes to get your retouching projects completed.

Modifications can also be synced across a series of photos and the technology is capable of adapting to each individual frame and make the right adjustments in order to maintain a coherent style across all images.

Skin Enhancer uses AI technology to automatically detect faces and skin in a photo. Photographers can then easily remove skin imperfections and smooth the skin. At the same time, textured detail, such as hair or skin pores are preserved to maintain a natural look.

Portrait Enhancer offers a collection of tools to modify your subjects’ faces in order to enhance or highlight certain features:

  • Face-aware Lighting adjusts the lighting for the face only, emulating a flash or reflector that is aimed at the face
  • Eye Improvement sharpens and whitens the eyes
  • Dark Circle Removal does what it says on the tin and removes dark circles or shadows below the eye.
  • Red Eye corrects the red issue effect that is caused by flash use
  • Face Contouring can make a face appear slimmer
  • Eye Enlargement gently increases the size of your subject’s eyes
  • Eyebrows thickens and darkens eyebrows
  • Lips and Teeth Enhancement enhances color of the lips and can whiten teeth

Most tools are controlled by simple sliders and built-in presets can make the process even faster.

Luminar 4 will run as a standalone application or a plugin for Adobe applications like Photoshop, Lightroom Classic and Photoshop Elements, or Apple software like Photos for macOS and Aperture.