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Like a pop up tent, you can reach into your camera bag and in just a couple of minutes, poof, have a couple light shaping tools up and running that can give you a pretty good look out there on the street, working fast, no permits, totally off the cuff. One Speedlight, one Speed-Lite 2 Plus softbox, and a tri-grip reflector is all you need. And a good subject.

Notice how Cali is angling the box downwards, so it catches the fill board? That allows the fill to do its job, and bounce some light up into the eyes and face, and help produce some drama. Important here, as our subject here is Nina, who was dressed pretty dramatically, and we were also verging on dusk, with street signage starting to radiate.

Shot on the streets of beautiful Bucharest. The basics here are camera-bag stuffable. Tri-grip. Speed-Lite 2 Plus softbox. Z camera with new 85mm f1.8 lens. Street lighting at dusk courtesy of downtown Bucharest. Up front local light courtesy of one SB-5000. Quick portraiture in the street!

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