Super Resolution, Native M1 Support and More Come to Lightroom Classic 10.3


The new Super Resolution feature uses artificial intelligence to increase the size of your image to four times its original size in pixels. (It doubles the length and the width.) This can be useful for making large prints or for upsizing a small crop of an image. Super Resolution will work on any file type (raw, JPEG, TIFF, etc.).

Raw Details (previously known as Enhance Details) and Super Resolution are now in one Enhance dialog. Right-click in your image and choose Enhance… 

Lightroom Classic Enhance: Super Resolution

Raw Details must be run with Super Resolution if your image is a camera-proprietary raw file (not a DNG, JPEG, TIFF, etc.).

Lightroom can’t handle photos over 65,000 pixels or 512 MP, so Super Resolution won’t work on files large enough that the 4x increase would put them over the limit.

The quality of enlargement compared to upsizing during export and print, but be careful – Super Resolution can introduce color artifacts and noise. Evaluate your image closely (zoomed in to 100%) after running the process. For best results, use raw files, since any artifacts in other file types will be enlarged. That said, I wouldn’t hesitate to use this on other file types – I’d just check the result carefully.

In this article, Eric Chan of Adobe discusses Super Resolution and how it was developed.


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