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Each week, members of the 500px team curate photography that showcases the breadth of our community’s talent and diverse tastes in Editors’ Choice. A few of the themes that caught our eye in this week’s Editors’ Choice photos were relaxed, off-center posing, geometric framing, and wide-open seas and sky. Spot these trends and more in this week’s roundup, and explore some of the best photography on 500px today.

Meet the 500px team that chose this week’s selections:
Karen Biilmann
Laura Stanley
Paul Friesen
Camila Gargantini

Summer vibes. by Klara Lj. on

backyard by Tony Andreas Rudolph on

Andi by Leon Fürtig on

fit african american skater sitting down to look a by Joshua Resnick on

Young woman painting walls of her new house. by Jozef Polc on

Angelina by Anton Kim on

The Artist by Petar Tutundziev on

Egypt Wind by Simon Gugeler on

Untitled by Márk Zagyvai on

MG by Marcelo Lourenço on

Love on the Move by Kaitlin Palma on

?????? by presskevin  on

Queen of the Nile by Edward Grant on

My desk by Cyril Menendez Perez on

Like fish in the water by Laura Alonso on

Untitled by Daniela Campisi on

Race Against The Sun.  by Robert Elia on

UNITY WITH NATURE by Daniel Bekker on

???? by ???  on

Il Tagliamento by Kristian Farias on

Glazing Flare by Kiroj Manandhar on

Ann by Chris Petry on

Diana by Polina Pirogova on

???? by Douglass King  on

?? by ???  on

Ethereal by Mag Hood on

wild child... by Magda Piwosz on

Untitled by Garuda????  on

Mosaic by Karine Dal Bosco  on

Treble bee by Qais Freewan on

Strong by Cat Ruiz on

Roots And The Fence by andy d'arcy on

Untitled by yukimatata  on

Dandelion by Pascual Sanchez on

Branch by Ruslan Keba on


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