We’ve Updated Our Sony a7r III Review to Include Animal Eye AF Tests

The Phoblographer’s Sony a7r III review is now updated to include our tests with Animal Eye AF.

With the new Sony a7r III firmware 3.0 update, photographers are getting a pretty significant boost to their camera’s performance. A lot of this boost has to do with autofocus algorithms and what the Sony a7r III is now capable of with Animal Eye AF and the AI database that has been transplanted into the Sony a7r III. In addition to that, photographers who are using the camera for portraits and such will have an easier time getting an eye in focus–but in a way that won’t throw off the flow of a photo shoot. Our Sony a7r III review has the full report.

While Animal Eye AF is very cool, what photographers who own the Sony a7r III will probably really care about is how Eye AF affects them when doing portraits. Afterall, the Sony a7r III is more oriented for portrait shooting than many of the other cameras in Sony’s roster.

“In addition to the Animal Eye AF algorithm, it’s nice to know that when it comes to shooting portraits that the Sony a7r III doesn’t require a two step process anymore for eye acquisition. With firmware 3.0, the Sony a7r III can be set to do eye detection and face detection within the same autofocus step. What that translates into is pressing a single button to make the Sony a7r III find a face and then a person’s eye if you set it to do so within the menu system. For your sanity, this is located within the camera menu 1 subsection. The previous method required photographers to do the following.”From our Sony a7r III review.

Portrait photographers will be happy to know that their shooting process will be significantly faster with the application of the right settings from firmware 3.0. The Eye AF algorithms took a quantum leap forward that I honestly didn’t expect to happen with this generation of camera. However, Sony did it.

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