What’s New in Cloud-Based Lightroom Desktop 3.1 and Mobile 5.1 – December 2019

Back in May we received the ability to invite individuals to contribute to our albums and to view their contributions in Lightroom Desktop, Mobile and Web. (Click here to go to instructions for doing so.) Now in all these Lightroom applications we can view and contribute to albums that have been shared with us.

Once you’ve been individually invited to an album (rather than just receiving a link that anyone can view) and you’ve accepted the invitation by clicking on the link in the invitation email, the shared album will appear on the Sharing tab in a Shared with You section:

lightroom desktop albums shared with you

Lightroom Desktop Shared with You

Lightroom Mobile - Albums Shared with You

Lightroom Mobile Shared with You

You will not be able to edit the photos contributed to the album – the ones you have contributed or others have – only the album owner can edit them. You also can’t export or otherwise save them.

Contributing to a shared album owned by someone else:

If you were granted permission to contribute to the album rather than just to view it, then in Lightroom Desktop you can drag photos to the album to contribute them, or you can right-click on the album, set it as the target album, then select a photo and use the shortcut T to add them.

Lightroom Desktop - add photo to shared album

This adds a rendered copy of your photo to the album – the editing of the shared version can no longer be reset to undo your editing, and the copy is independent of the original version in your library – editing the original more will have no effect on the copy in the shared album and removing the copy will not remove the original. (To update the shared photo with additional editing, right-click on the version already in the album and remove it (choosing OK at the warning dialog), then go back to the original, edit is as desired and then re-add it to the album. Keep in mind though that photos can only be removed within 48 hours of contributing them.

Lightroom Desktop - remove contributed version of photo

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