What’s New in Cloud-Based Lightroom Desktop 3.2 and Mobile 5.2 – February 2020

How to Update Lightroom Desktop

If you previously were prompted to agree to auto-update Lightroom and if you agreed, then when you open Lightroom for the first time after the update is available, go to Help>System Info to verify that you are now using version 3.2. Otherwise to update to 3.2, go to Help>Updates, and in the Creative Cloud app, on the Updates tab click on Update next to Lightroom (cloud-based photo service; not Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC 2015.)

The Creative Cloud app has been redesigned – click on Updates on the left or on Photography to isolate these apps and find Lightroom Desktop (the cloud-based photo service).

When to Update Lightroom Desktop (if Lightroom didn’t auto-update):

I don’t expect any issues with Lightroom 3.2 and updates of this app usually go smoothly, but if you’re not in a hurry to get the new features, it can’t hurt to wait a week or so to make sure that others aren’t experiencing major bugs with it.

If I hear of serious issues with this release I will post them here in this section – please check here rather than emailing me.

Click here to check for bug reports and to report bugs or issues that you encounter.

How to Update Lightroom Mobile

Find the Lightroom app in the Apple App or Google Play store and tap on Update.

Report Lightroom mobile bugs here.

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