What’s New in Cloud-Based Lightroom Desktop and Mobile – June 2020 – Local Hue and More!

Now change colors within a local area in your image with the new Hue slider, available in the brush, linear gradient and radial gradient:

Local Hue Slider in Cloud Based Lightroom

Paint a local area with the brush or one of the local filters. Then drag from the circular handle on the Hue slider to shift all colors within the area you’ve defined. The bottom hue bar represents Before, and the top, After. In the screenshot above, pink is shifted to blue, blue to green, green to red/orange.

Local Hue Slider in Cloud-Based Lightroom - Before and After

Local hue change in the doll clothes, painted carefully (with Auto Mask on when useful)

This Hue slider is actually more powerful than the global hue sliders, as it gives you 360 degrees of change around the color wheel – you can change a color to any other color. The global sliders only allow much narrower changes – for example, from red to orange and purple, rather than all the way to green and blue.

Combine local Hue with local Exposure and Saturation to affect hue, saturation and luminance of of colors. Paint one color carefully (use Auto Mask to protect against spilling outside of edge) to limit changes to one specific color. (Unfortunately the cloud-based Lightroom doesn’t have Range Mask, which makes it easy to restrict local changes to particular colors.)

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