What’s New in Cloud-Based Lightroom Desktop, Mobile and Web – August 2019

In addition to deleted file recovery, new camera support and new lens profiles, the following enhancements are available in Lightroom Mobile:

More Facets for Searching (iOS, Android, ChromeOS)

Adobe has added the following search facets, making them available now throughout the Lightroom ecosystem: focal length:, type: (raw, HDR, pano, image vs. video, etc.) and depth map:. Type one of these, including the colon, in the search bar and you’ll be presented with a list of values present in your catalog to choose from.  This page has a list of all facets available in cloud-based Lightroom.

Create Presets from Discover Posts (iOS, Android, ChromeOS)

On the Home screen in the Discover section you can explore other photographers’ editing of their photos. Now with this update, save their edits for a photo as a preset that you can apply to your own photos: Choose a Discover photo, tap on the three dots in the top right and choose Download as Preset. The preset will then be available in the Presets tab when you edit your own photos.

Video Import and Playback (Android)

Now import and play video formats supported by Android. (Video export not yet available.) Coming to iOS at a later date.

Batch Editing of Metadata (Android, ChromeOS)

Change flag status, star rating, title, caption and copyright for groups of photos. Select multiple photos from the grid, then choose Edit Info. Coming to iOS at a later date.

Skip Importing of Screenshots (iOS)

While having Lightroom automatically import from your phone’s camera roll, you can have the import skip screenshots you have taken with your mobile device. Import of screenshots is now off by default. To change this, go into settings – from the home screen, tap on the gear icon in the top right. Choose Import, and then toggle on or off the Screenshots switch.

How to turn off import of screenshots into Lightroom Mobile

This Import screen, by the way, is where you set up auto-import from your camera roll. I have this on, so all the photos I now take with my phone, whether taken with the Apple camera (and also the Lightroom camera) automatically get imported and synced to my computer and Lightroom Classic.

In-App Tutorials (Android tablets, Chromebooks)

In-app interactive editing tutorials, previously available in Desktop, iOS and Android phones, are also now available on Android tablets and Chromebooks. You’ll find them in the Learn section on the Home screen.

Filtering Shared Albums (iOS, Android, ChromeOS)

If you have any shared albums filtered by stars or flags, you may see messaging that the capability to filter shared albums by stars and flags will be removed in the near future. Apparently it conflicts in some way with future plans that Adobe has for shared albums.

Notable Bug Fixes (iOS)

  • Before this update accessing the filter feature in a catalog with lots of keywords could cause the app to freeze.
  • Healing performance issue fixed.

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