Your Photography Business & the Health Pandemic (How to Keep it Alive)

Photography and the Heath Pandemic: How to Keep Your Business Alive

How to Maintain Your Photography Business During Difficult Times

With all the health scares around us, businesses everywhere are hurting and Photography is no exception. In the midst of this madness, I have been thinking of different ways to keep my photography business alive and well. 

Of course, I am taking a hard hit, just like everyone else. However, I am making an effort to stay relevant so when the time comes, I will be ready to get back up and running. Here are a few things that can help:

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1. Social Media Presence

As much as this seems like a given, I cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining your social media presence. Right now, more than ever, people are on their phones and computers. TAKE ADVANTAGE. Keep your name out there and in their minds.

You should be posting on your social media pages once a day. I know that a lot of people do not have new content to share, so here are a few things that you can post:

  • Some old favorites are a great place to start. Moms will love to see their little ones on your feed. For example, share a newborn photo from a year ago with the text, “I can’t believe this little guy is already one!”

How to Keep Your Photography Business Alive

  • Photos of your own kiddos. My children are great models and their photos are some of my best work mainly because there is no pressure. I have the creative freedom to do WHATEVER I want! So get your family outside to the location you’ve been considering, and create some magic. (Tip: here are some helpful tips for photographing your children.)

Bonus Tip: I have seen some people running specials right now. I am not. Mainly because no one truly knows when we will be in the clear, and when we are, I do not want to be shooting sessions for less than what I normally would.

2. Build an Email List

If you don’t already have an email list set up DO IT NOW. Take this time to get everything set!

Mailchimp is FREE. Yes, free. I even have it linked to my website, so people can just go there and sign up themselves! I have 900+ emails on my list which I use to send updates and specials. They are always the first to get dibs on mini sessions.

I typically only send emails once a month (or every other month). However, to make sure that I am staying relevant, I am sending them every two weeks right now.

Photography and the Heath Pandemic

Here are some examples of what you can share in your emails (and also social media posts:

  • Example 1: Just a reminder that weekends are full through June. Make sure you get on the books! Then I will add 3-4 favorite images from recent sessions. Short and sweet.
  • Example 2: How is everyone holding up? I have taken this extra time to revamp my website. Please check it out. Any and all feedback is welcome!

Photography and the Heath Pandemic: How to Keep Your Business Alive

3. Manage Your Photography Blog

Managing your photography blog is one of the best things you can do to help the SEO for your website.

If you don’t know what to blog about, you can just write about each session you photograhed in the past few months. Add in your favorite images with some details. You can keep them simple and just write something to summarize each session.

It is suggested to have at least 300+ words for best results, but If you can’t get there, just be sure and add keywords such as your city, state, and photography business name.

Bonus Tip: Take one night and create several blog posts. Have them scheduled to go live once per week for the next few weeks. Then, share these on your social media! It’s a win-win. 

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4. Photography Workshops and Online Learning

Part of keeping your business relavent is making sure that you are staying current and up-to-date with trends and photography gear. This means that you must invest in yourself and your business. Every year, I attend one to two workshops (in-person or online).

To be completely honest, I have several workshops sitting on my computer that I have yet to start. Why? Time. I usually hard to find the time.

Well now, there is all the time in the world. So watch videos, research new techniques, and play around with your editing. Take this time to grow as a photographer (or business owner).

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There are so many online workshop options out there you can do online: Editing, newborn posing, SEO optimization, family photography and tons more.

Bonus Tip: POST about what you are doing!! For example, you can say: “I have been working hard behind the scenes, and I cannot wait to put all of this into action.” (and obviously post some photos) When the time comes to open your doors again, you will be ready, and people will notice your work and growth.

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Things are changing every day, and no one is sure exactly where we are heading or how long this quarantine will last. The key is to keep your name out there. People need positivity right now. Be that person to inspire and encourage!

Wishing you all the best in your business. We’ll get through this together!

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