20 Realistic Coffee Cup & Mug Mockup Templates

Is there anything better than a warm cup of coffee or tea in the morning? Of course not! Today, we are bringing you a collection of gorgeous Photoshop templates depicting coffee cups and mugs.

You can use coffee cup and mug mockups for anything: From branding projects for your clients to giving them a more comprehensive array of options to imagine their initials on, to personal projects and merchandising.

These coffee cup and mug PSD templates are incredibly easy to customize. You only have to open them in Photoshop, add your own designs, adjust the details to fit your style, and you’ll be good to go!

Use them for presentations, website displays, marketing campaigns, or even cool social media posts to drum up excitement about your work.

Showcase your design on these interesting mug mockup templates, perfect for adventurers! You’ll get nine cool PSD mockups of enamel mugs, and you can customize every bit of them, from the mug color to the handle color, and more! These mockups are perfect for making your designs shine!

Enamel Mug Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Simple and photo-realistic, these mug mockup templates are the perfect canvas for your next design. With nine high-quality coffee mug mockups in all kinds of poses (from levitating cups to side-by-side presentations), matte and glossy versions, as well as changeable colors, you’ll have the time of your life!

Mug Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Wonderfully situated, this coffee mug mockup template is perfect for mugs as charming as this scene. You can showcase light, dark, and colorful designs since the rest of the setting is neutral with wonderfully personable elements. Simply add your designs, customize the mug color, and you’ll be golden!

Coffee Mug Placed Over a Blanket Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Elegant and minimalist, this ceramic mug mockup template will help you display your designs in the best light. With three diverse presentation styles, plenty of options for customization, and photo-realistic placement, you’ll love every second of playing around with this mockup! It works wonders for webshop presentations!

Ceramic Mug Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Wonderfully quirky, these papercraft coffee mug and cup mockup templates for Photoshop are a stellar choice if you want to make sure your designs become the talk of the town. Pick from 6 different options, easily change colors and fine-tune the details to suit your style for presentations and campaigns.

Papercraft Mugs Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Start speaking the language of your audience. (Psst: It’s quirky coffee cups, calming succulents, and minimalism.) This lovely coffee mug mockup is perfectly presented in a neutral environment, perfect for the tendencies of modern demographics. Easily add your own designs, customize the mug color, and promote your designs!

Coffee Mug & Plants Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Classically designed and perfect for elegant designs, this white mug mockup set will absolutely charm you and your customers. With 3 PDF files, different backgrounds, and numerous customization options, this coffee cup mockup gives you everything you need to promote your products in your store or on your social media.

White Mug Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Showcase your design on this transparent coffee mug template. The mockup mug is made of glass, which makes it perfect for dynamic designs that require unique presentations. The mockup also features a man drinking from the glass mug, so it’s perfect for social media promotion and client presentations.

Man Drinking Coffee From a Glass Mug Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Make it fun, and make it dynamic! With this mug mockup set, you can depict your designs on a splashing mug. It makes for a cool presentation or campaign! You’ll get three coffee mug mockups, and you can easily add your designs and edit the mockups in Photoshop.

Mug Splash Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Simple and minimalist, this coffee mug mockup template consists of 2 different mugs, which is perfect for showcasing different designs. You’ll get photo-realistic results, and you can change the background. Since the scene is simple, this coffee mug mockup is perfect for highlighting the intricacy of your designs.

Ceramic Mug Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Atmospheric and modern, this coffee mug mockup features a woman using her laptop and reaching for that delicious cup of coffee that’s showcasing your designs. The coffee mug is simple but very glossy, giving it that special finishing touch. It’s easily editable in Photoshop, as well!

Coffee Mug Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Clean and simple, this mug mockup is perfect for highlighting everything that makes your design special. Since the scene is very simple and neutral, this coffee cup mockup is perfect for showcasing your designs during presentations and on your online store if you plan on offering coffee mugs for sale.

Mug Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Showcase your branding or actual coffee mug design work with these mug mockup templates. You’ll get eight diverse PSD files and plenty of customization opportunities: from changing the color of the mug handle to diverse layer styles (e.g., embossed) and three different background textures to wow your audience.

Mug Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Realistic and easily customizable, this coffee mug mockup template features a mug leaning against an elegant marble surface with coffee beans on the side. This mockup makes for a pretty dynamic scene if you want to promote your designs during a presentation or through online or social media marketing campaigns.

Coffee Mug Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Show everyone how awesome it is to drink coffee from the cup you designed with this mockup! This coffee mug mockup features a young man casually sipping coffee in a modern environment, and it’s easily customizable with just a few clicks. You can even change the mug color!

Drinking Coffee Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

If you want to show everyone that your design is extraordinary, choose an extraordinary coffee mug mockup. This set features fully editable metal coffee mug mockups, perfect for addressing audiences that want to pack the mug you designed for their next hiking trip or take it along on an adventure.

Metal Mug Design Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Ceramic never goes out of style! Showcase your timeless designs with this coffee mug mockup template set that consists of 3 ceramic mugs. Presented from all sides, including the bottom, this set makes it easy to customize the mockup (e.g., change the handle color) and make it truly your own.

Ceramic Mug Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Versatile and photo-realistic, these highly customizable coffee mug mockup templates are perfect for showcasing the intricacy of your designs. Since you’re getting three different presentations with mugs being shown from all sides, you can use these coffee mug mockups for both presentations and online promotion. Get that cup!

Coffee Mug Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Showcase the quality of your design with this gorgeous coffee mug mockup template for Photoshop. Featuring a person proudly displaying a coffee cup with your design on it, this mockup is perfect for social media promotion, as well as presentations that will amaze your clients. It is also completely customizable!

Person Holding Red Mug Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Cute and dynamic, this coffee mug mockup template is perfect for similar designs. You can customize the wall, floor, and mug colors, but make sure your design fits the aesthetic with the leaf planted right into your cup. Stir the imagination of your clients or customers with this beautiful mockup!

Coffee Mug and Plant Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Make some liquid magic! With these gorgeous coffee cup and mug mockups, you can present your designs on items people love best.

To paraphrase Eduardo Galeano: we are all mortal until the first kiss, or the second cup of coffee.

So the next time you present your work, do it in style. Pick one of these beautiful mockups, add your designs to them, and show your clients what an amazing experience they will have thanks to your work. From branding to merchandising, not even the sky is the limit when you’ve got these graphic assets in your toolkit!

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