TTArtisans has made its name with quirky, affordable rangefinder and mirrorless lenses. This portrait-friendly 90mm F1.25 comes in at a relatively low $515, but what are the drawbacks? Well, first off, it’s manual focus only. Secondly, you’ll notice that some of the images in this gallery have no or incorrect F-stop data attached – that’s because there’s no electronic link to the camera’s body. Hence the EXIF is lacking.

But, especially at a portrait focal length, soft optics can be helpfully flattering, and the price is appealing for such a fast aperture. You’ll find plenty of examples to peruse in this gallery (Raw files and processed JPEGs, shot with the Nikon Z7 and Z9). If there’s a shot you want more information about, hit us up in the comments and the sample photographer will try and fill in the missing information.

View our TTArtisans 90mm F1.25 sample gallery