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A Civil War in Photography History

[ad_1] A largely forgotten bit of photographic history might be of interest: the civil war between realism and pictorialism. The justly famous Ansel Adams and his contemporaries were very strong advocates of photographic realism, dating back to the days of Group f/64, of which Adams was cofounder about 1932 along with Edward Weston. Group f/64 …

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How To Scale Layer Styles in Photoshop

[ad_1] When you scale a layer that has a Layer Style applied to it, you’ll notice that the style will not scale along with the layer. For example, if you apply a stroke of 20 pixels on a layer, using Free Transform to scale the image larger or smaller, Photoshop will not scale the Layer …

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500px » 45+ Best Enchanting Black Cat Photos And Images

[ad_1] There may be a lot of negative folklore and fiction surrounding black cats, but there’s nothing spooky or unlucky about black cats (and kittens!) at all. Scroll down to explore the striking beauty and personalities of black cats captured on camera. Browse more black cats on 500px. You can also license black cat photos …

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