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I’ve always said the best thing about being a photographer is the people you meet, and I’ve been blessed to meet many extraordinary folks. And, quite wonderfully, call them friends. Rick Iannucci, pictured here, and his wife, Nancy De Santis, have become dear friends over the years.

They run Horses for Heroes in Santa Fe, and work with both active and retired military, showing them the way of the horse, and ranch life, and try to help them heal from the devastation of war. Amazing, giving folks.

We ran this portrait of Rick on our Instagram account, and there were a couple questions about it, and the light, and the drama.

First off, if there were ever a good portrait subject, Rick is it. His steady gaze at the gathering New Mexico storm made my job easy. Just supply a little light. One light only. (Ramius to Vasily: “One ping only, please.” I think I said that to Cali, my crew chief, on Rick’s roof. We were having a blast up there.)

A Profoto B1X in a RFi 1×3 Softbox Strip, layered over with a grid. Controls the flow. A light with sharp elbows. Etches your subject with clarity and grace, but not softness. Off to camera left. Nikon Z 7, 1/50th of a second, f/10, ISO 100. Shoot fast, rain coming, time to get off the roof.

Missing my friends, as I know we all are. Shout out to Rick and Nancy and the people they are, and the work they do.

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