What’s New in Lightroom Classic 9.3 – June 2020 – Local Hue and More

In the last major update to Lightroom Classic, the method for setting new Develop default settings for images was changed – it’s now specified in Preferences, and defaults can be defined by presets.

In this Lightroom Classic 9.3 update, the following has been added or changed:

  • There is a new set of Defaults presets in the Presets panel:

Lightroom Classic Defaults Presets

Use these presets to reset images to specific defaults, or use the presets to define new defaults. Camera Settings applies the camera-matching profile (and any other camera settings that Lightroom can read); profile + Lens applies a profile plus removes chromatic aberration and applies a lens profile; profile + lens + NR also applies noise reduction varying by ISO.

  • Now when you delete a preset that is used in raw defaults preferences, you’ll get a warning that it is used in defaults. If you delete the preset, defaults will now be reset to Adobe defaults.
  • A new method for setting defaults that vary by ISO has been implemented (hooray – no need to edit XMP files!)  Select two or more images at different ISOs that you have edited with settings you want to include in defaults (including settings that vary by ISO), then create a new preset, and check the ISO adaptive preset box:

Create ISO Dependent Preset and Defaults

After creating your preset, in Preferences set the preset as your default. (If you’re varying noise reduction and other settings by ISO and you have multiple cameras, you’ll probably want to set different defaults for each camera you use). If you want to update your preset at some point, remember to select all the images again, then right-click on the preset and choose Update with Current Settings.

Learn Lightroom with Laura ShoeLearn all the details about setting new Develop defaults and varying them by ISO in my Setting New Develop Defaults for Raw Files, my Varying Presets and Raw File Defaults by ISO, and my Varying Presets and Raw File Defaults by ISO – Coding Method videos in the Advanced Photo Editing section of my Lightroom 5, 6 and Classic: The Fundamentals & Beyond video series – it’s completely up-to-date for Classic 9.3.

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