Fashion photographer Lindsay Adler named Rangefinder’s ‘Icon of the Year’: Digital Photography Review


Fashion photographer and Canon Ambassador Lindsay Adler is the first woman to win Rangefinder‘s Icon of the Year Award. The announcement was made during the WPPI 2020 event last week, where Adler was caught off guard thanks to some careful planning by WPPI and Photo Group Content Director Arlene Evans, as well as Adler’s boyfriend and mother.

Rangefinder explains what it means to be named an ‘Icon,’ stating on its website that an Icon is someone who fills many roles; who is ‘super creative and has extraordinary talent’ in addition to serving as a role model, educator and more.

We contacted Adler to talk about her work, the new milestone award and what it means to her. In talking about winning the award, Adler said:

‘Winning Rangefinder’s Icon of the Year in an incredible honor that makes me feel that I am making an impact on my community and its continued success. This award is a beautiful way to show me that my sharing and love for photography and photographers have not gone unnoticed. I am constantly pushing myself to grow, and I hope this journey encourages others to do this same. I’ve been reading Rangefinder and attending WPPI for more than a decade, and this feels like a beautiful culmination… now I just wonder, what’s next! Can’t get much better than this!’

Adler’s photography has been featured in a number of notable publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, InStyle and more, and she has worked with major brands like Microsoft, Grey and Edelman. In addition to her photography work, Adler also teaches at events and through various platforms, including everything from online tutorials to books. She explains:

‘My life is centered around creating and sharing. I create images and share the process. I create in-depth tutorials answering all the questions I once had as I grew my career. I create and I share, and I am so lucky to get endless love back from the community—whether in the form of praise, encouragement, or those simply following my journey.’

Behind-The-Scenes image of Adler (far-right) at work with a model.

Adler’s work is showcased on her website, which features collections of photos like ‘Seeing Red,’ ‘Editorial Beauty,’ ‘Skin’ and even ‘Cinemagraphs.’ Looking back over her career, Adler says:

‘I am truly the happiest I’ve ever been and am proud to [have] achieved so many of my life’s goals. I know that along the way there have been so many other gracious photographers, educators and industry leaders that have shared their knowledge, given me opportunities, encouraged me and ultimately been so important to my success. Because of this, I realize just how important it is for those with success to share with their community however they can.’

In addition to her website, Adler’s work can be found on her Instagram and her Canon Ambassador page.

Image credits: Photos used with permission from Lindsay Adler


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