Happy Halloween! – 360Cities – Panoramic Photography Blog



The dead will be remembered this evening and tomorrow in many places including 360Cities. Our fearless contributors have created a spooky 360° experience for you. Take a good long look at this set of Halloween panos with a VR headset (in VR mode) if you dare. We’ve been careful to include enough pumpkins to frighten away evil spirits.    🎃


616Pumpkins dance in Halloween by Igor Leontyev


617Rakowice cemetary – watchful monks by Simon Krezelok


618Day of the Dead Ofrenda by Tadashi IKUTA


619Zombiewalk by Jan Vrsinsky


620Halloween by Андрей Гугнинский


621Lightpainting panorama in abandoned church by Jaime Brotons


622Villisca Ax Murder House – Pantry by Randy Myers


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