What’s New in Lightroom CC Desktop, iOS, and Android – October 2018 Release

Migrate Photos from Apple Photos to Lightroom CC

To import photos from Apple Photos into Lightroom CC, go to File>Migrate Apple Photos Library. Lightroom CC cannot migrate files that are missing in Photos or that are hidden – so resolve any missing file issues and unhide any hidden ones first. A Photos library can only be migrated once – this is not a way to continually import from Photos.

Upload Images to Adobe Portfolio

There is a new Connections section on the Sharing tab that will eventually allow uploading of images to many third party services. Right now you can upload to Adobe Portfolio, which is a free website-building service that is part of your Creative Cloud subscription. Click on the Sharing icon (), and in the Connections tab click on Add Connection, and connect to Adobe Portfolio.

Lightroom CC Desktop: Share-Connections

Once this connection is set up, then to upload images, either right-click on an album and choose Share to… Adobe Portfolio, or select one or more photos, right-click in one and choose Share to…Adobe Portfolio. (The title you’re prompted to add is the title of the gallery or section on the site you’re building – but it can be changed later.)

To get to Adobe Portfolio and the images you uploaded, select an entry in the Portfolio connection and then click on the link above the grid:

Accessing Adobe Portfolio from Lightroom CC

If you edit photos after sending them to Adobe Portfolio, right-click on the entry in the Connections section of Sharing and choose Resend. To delete photos, do so from the Adobe Portfolio website, and then they will be automatically removed from the Lightroom CC Connections panel.

Share to Web: Photos Not in Albums

For some time we have been able to share an album on the web, by right-clicking on it and choosing Share to Web, copying the URL (link) that is displayed, and sharing that with our friends or clients. Now we can share one or more photos without having to first put them in an album: select one or more photos, right-click in one and choose Share to Web…, and then copy and share the URL. On the Sharing tab, you’ll see that there’s a new Photos section where these shares are displayed by date and time. These act just like albums – you can right-click and rename, copy the link, stop sharing, etc..

For guided tutorials, a list of what’s new, and to set up Lightroom CC on your mobile devices, click on the question mark in the top right:

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