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Kelly-anne Gladwin - Photographer Spotlight

Kelly-anne Gladwin – Fine Art Photographer Spotlight

Kelly-anne Gladwin is an exceptionally talented pet and portrait photographer who has inspired us almost daily in our Pretty Presets Facebook Group.

She always gets asked so many great questions about her beautiful work so today, we thought we would share some of these frequently asked questions and her answers to them.

(Note: All of Kelly-anne’s images featured on this page were edited using presets from Dark and Moody Millennium or Film Noir collections for Lightroom as well as the PURE Color Workflow, Painted Sky Sunset Overlays, and Kaleidoscope Lens Flare Overlays for Photoshop).

Dark and Moody Millennium Presets

1. What Inspired You to Become a Photographer?

My obsession with photography began when I saw my first aurora australis in 2015. The dancing lights, the shooting stars, the moving beams, they really set me on fire and pushed me to learn my basic DSLR in manual mode. Never has anything inspired me more than seeing those wonderous lights.

The, when I separated from my ex I really threw myself into photography as a way to deal with the emotions and turbulence of that time and found it incredibly therapeutic.

I also realized that it was now up to me (and only me) to document my life and my children, so I wanted to get better and be proud of those framed immortalized moments.

Kelly-anne Gladwin - Fine Art Photographer Spotlight

2. How Would You Describe Your Photography Style?

I describe my photography style as fine art, but I do so much that it’s hard to narrow and point it down to one particular style. I definitely prefer fine art over what I like to call ‘normal’ shooting.

When I shoot different things, I tend to shoot differently. For example, weddings are creative, the family is ‘normal’ and pets are fine art. I always shoot wide open, as I love that creamy, dreamy bokeh and the separation of subject and background. But no matter what I shoot I always come back to fine art as my favorite!

Kelly-anne Gladwin - Fine Art Photography

3. Did You Study Photography in School or Are You Self Taught?

I started by teaching myself, through Pretty Presets tutorials. Then I decided I needed a diploma on paper, so I did an online diploma course and now have a diploma in digital photography as well as a diploma in wedding photography.

The Pretty tutorials on their website for both Lightroom and Photoshop have been an invaluable resource that I still rely on to this day if I get stuck or have questions.

4. Do You Shoot Canon or Nikon, and What is Your Favorite Lens?

Team Canon all the way! I use my 13 yr old 1000d and my full-frame 5D MARK II, although I truly believe you don’t need fancy gear to take great pictures, just the right vision.

Without a doubt, my favorite lenses are my Lensbaby lenses. They allow me to creatively capture any scene and make it artistic and perfect. My favorites are the Edge35, Edge80 and Composer Pro ii with Sweet 35 Optics. I highly recommend them!

Kelly-anne Gladwin - Animal Photography

5. Do You Have Any Tips for Photographers Learning Photoshop?

Watch all the Pretty Tutorials you can, on your phone (this allows you to pause and google if you get stuck when using your desktop). Ask questions, start with simple goals. My first goal in Photoshop was to figure out how to mask off a layer. Once I figured that out, I was off and running.

Also a huge shoutout to the amazing Jana Gaston for teaching me how to replace skies, which has been a huge goal of mine seeing as I always shoot wide open which blows out my skies.

Kelly-anne Gladwin - Pet Photography

6. What are Your Go-To Pretty Presets and Actions?

My go-to workflow typically starts with the Dark and Moody presets.

Then I send the image over to Photoshop for a sky replace using the magic sky replace actions and sky overlays that come with the Vivid Skies Collection and Painted Skies Collection.

Then some additional Photoshop adjustments using the PURE Color Workflow, a set thats worth its weight in gold!

For black and whites images, I love the Film Noir Collection for Lightroom.

Portrait Actions for Photoshop

7. What is a Good Lesson You Learned this Year in Photography or in Your Business?

I’ve learned a lot over this past year. I realized that if I dont feel comfortable shooting something, its ok to say no and recommend another amazing local photographer to do the job instead.

Do it for you, if your not happy with your images, your opinion is the only one that matters.

And make sure you back up your files!!! I cannot stress this enough. If you take one thing away from this interview, please take away the file backup advice!

Kelly-anne Gladwin - Austrailian Fine Art Photographer

8. If You Could Encourage a New Photographer in One Area, What Would it Be?

I was once told that I should be a pet photographer because I love animals and know how to use balance points with stock, and trigger words with dogs that really make a difference in my images.

So if you can, use your real-life passion and transfer that into your photography!

For example, if fashion is something your passionate about, try shooting seniors, they are always trendy in fashion.

And if you are considering wedding photography, I would recommend second shooting at least 10 weddings before you diving in to shoot one on your own.

Also, remember…

  • Don’t undervalue yourself.
  • Find photographers that inspire you and let that creativity flow.
  • Don’t ever get caught up in ‘the likes’ on social media – DO IT FOR YOU!
  • Stick with PRETTY, not only is the community fantastic for learning and inspiration but it’s also the best place to learn in an environment thats completely non-judgemental towards skill level.

Kelly-anne Gladwin - Fine Art Photography

9. What Do You Love Most About Being a Photographer?

I love that photography has the ability to capture any moment in time. And when we are gone, those photographs will be how we are remembered.

I love that photography can be timeless, romantic, dark and mysterious.

Photography can be whatever you want it to be when you push that button – immortalizing that moment forever. I LOVE that!

10. Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

That’s a difficult one. I see myself surrounded by my animals, camera in hand, dancing under the southern lights along with my children. And hopefully continuing to inspire others to pick up their camera and find their passion in their lives!

Do you have any questions or comments for Kelly-anne?  Leave her a comment below – she would love to hear from you!  And PLEASE SHARE this post using the social sharing buttons (We really appreciate it)

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