This magical woodland shot wins 2020 Landscape Photographer of the Year


© Chris Frost/Landscape Photographer of the Year

Landscape photography is one of my favorite genres. So, I’m thrilled to share with you this year’s winners of the Landscape Photographer of the Year contest. The overall winner and the category winners have recently been announced, and they will teleport you to the beautiful landscapes all over the world. You’ll agree, that’s what we all need right now.

The Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020 is Chris Frost with his magical photo of Woolland Woods in Dorset. Winning the 13th annual contest earned him not only the flattering title of Photographer of the Year, but also the £10,000 prize.

“Taken in spring of 2018 in a wooded area close to Milborne St. Andrew in Dorset, this was the third visit to the area in a matter of days,” Chris explained. “On the previous days, both devoid of morning mists, the light had been harsh and unappealing but the third day delivered stunning conditions with mist swirling through the trees. The low shooting position allowed more emphasis to be placed on the wild garlic and pathway.”

The contest also recognizes the Young Landscape Photographer of the Year. This year’s title is awarded to Joshua Elphick for his image Counting Sheep.

“I captured this photo on the South Downs in East Sussex whilst out on a walk with my sister. We spotted this sheep standing well away from its herd. As I slowly approached the fence – trying my best not to scare it – I knelt down beside it and took the photo. Although some may think this image may have looked better and cooler if it were something like a Deer stood in its place, I personally like that it is a sheep because I think many believe that there is not much point taking a photo of a sheep because we see them all the time. I personally think that the image shows to appreciate the landscape around us and not take everything we have for granted.”

© Joshua Elphick/Landscape Photographer of the Year

Other than the overall winners, Landscape Photographer of the Year also recognizes winners in four categories and four special categories. You can check out the remaining winning photos below, and make sure to visit the contest’s website for more stunning images from this year’s contest.

Category winners

© Leigh Dorey/Landscape Photographer of the Year, Classic View winner 

© George Robertson/Landscape Photographer of the Year, Urban Life winner

© Aleks Gjika/Landscape Photographer of the Year, Urban Life winner, Your View winner 

© Neil Burnell/Landscape Photographer of the Year, Black and White winner 

Special Awards winners

© Brian Nunn/Landscape Photographer of the Year, Lines in the Landscape in association with Network Rail winner 

© Graham Mackay/Landscape Photographer of the Year, Historic Britain in association with The Sunday Times winner

© Graham Eaton/Landscape Photographer of the Year, Changing Landscapes in association with MPB winner 

© Alyn Wallace/Landscape Photographer of the Year, Landscapes at Night is association with Light and Land winner 

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