Panorama Embedding for Basic and Plus Contributors too – 360Cities – Panoramic Photography Blog


We’re pleased to announce that we’ve launched a brand new embedding feature just for our Basic and Plus contributors. These embeds are both faster to load and safer than ever before. 

  • You will find the embed code on your panorama edit page, other tab.
  • Whitelist URLs: you can whitelist up to 5 webs in order to ensure your panorama is only embedded on those URLs you authorize. If you do not set any URLs, anyone with the link to your Panorama embed can embed it themselves. 
  • The new embed code is only available in your account pages, not from the “Share this Panorama” menu in your publicly available panorama pages.

Then, choose the size of your embed, copy the code and paste it on any website you want to share your work.

Embedded panoramas that have not been created via contributor account pages will be disabled in the near future (we will announce the exact date in advance). Please replace your existing embeds with our new contributor embeds as soon as possible in order to enjoy the advantages of these new embeds and avoid that your existing embeds are disabled.

Happy Embedding!!!


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