Super-fast​ Lightroom Tethering For Nikon is Here!


This kinda flew under the radar in the last update with everybody talking about the new Enhance Details feature, but now it’s not just Canon shooters that have super-fast tethering in Lightroom Classic — the update included an overhaul of tethering for Nikon shooters (Whoo hoo!).

I checked with a Nikon-shooting buddy of mine and he confirmed it, saying the images appear on screen nearly instantaneously now. Plus, the connection is rock solid! Also, (as Rob noted in his post on Tuesday) tethering support for the new Nikon mirrorless cameras was in this update as well.

The feature has been there for Canon users for a while now, and this week I was shooting tethered in the studio, and I would take the shot; lower the camera from my eye; look over at the screen and the image was already there. That is fast!

Not Looking Good For Sony Shooters

Lightroom doesn’t support shooting tethering with Sony cameras at all, so I asked Adobe’s Lightroom Classic Product Manager Sharad Mangalick if there were any plans to add Sony tethering to Lightroom Classic. He said:

“They would love to add Sony tethering, but they don’t have access to the Sony APIs necessary to build a reliable connection.” 

So, looks like the ball’s in Sony’s court as to whether we’ll ever have Sony tethering in Lightroom Classic at all.

However, if you’re a Nikon or Canon shooter, this is the best tethering speed and stability I’ve seen anywhere. Big love to Adobe on both of these tethering improvements.

Here’s to a kick-butt Valentine’s Weekend! Hope yours is a love fest! 🙂




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