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I Never Leave Home Without It « Joe McNally’s Blog

[ad_1] Which is easy to do, I mean, wherever you have the internet. I’m talking about PhotoShelter. At the beginning of this year, I started thinking about the tools we use the most here at the studio. Cameras, to be sure, and lenses. Lights? Occasionally. 😉  Email? Oh yeah, so joyous, right? But then I …

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How to Create a Stunning Lightroom Slideshow – Pretty Presets for Lightroom

[ad_1] How to Create a Stunning Lightroom Slideshow Most users of Adobe Lightroom typically only use two modules: the Library module and the Develop module. There is another Lightroom module which is really fantastic, but is often overlooked because so few people know how to use… the Slideshow Module The Slideshow module was added to Lightroom to …

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50 Halloween Gradients – Free Download » Photoshop Tutorials

[ad_1] You may download these gradients and use them for commercial and non commercial projects. I only ask you to not re-upload anywhere else and claim them as your own. Please link back to this web-page, when it’s possible to do so. Most importantly… Enjoy! [ad_2] Source link

Create Work That Lasts with Todd Henry

[ad_1] Todd Henry is a creator for creators. He makes tools and resources that help creatives succeed, personally and professionally. His four books, The Accidental Creative, Louder Than Words, Die Empty, and his newest Herding Tigers, cover all angles of succeeding as a creative; from finding your voice, to being creative on demand, to managing …

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Photo Of The Day By Elissa Title

[ad_1] Pentax K-1: The Perfect Astro Camera? Capturing an accurate (and beautiful) view of the heavens is the goal of the astro-photographer, but for the shooter looking to capture the majesty of the Milky Way without star trails, it’s often necessary to turn to expensive pieces of hardware called star trackers. [ad_2] Source link

CoffeeShop “Heavenly Foil Papers” & Photoshop/PSE Tutorial!

[ad_1] OK, I think this is probably the last Christmas design post of the year. I am so sorry I am so far behind this season, I just had a lot going on last month and didn’t have enough energy/creatively to design. But I am back in the saddle, finally. And it feels so good! …

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Super-fast​ Lightroom Tethering For Nikon is Here!

[ad_1] Posted By Scott Kelby on Friday, February 15, 2019 in Featured, Tethering | This kinda flew under the radar in the last update with everybody talking about the new Enhance Details feature, but now it’s not just Canon shooters that have super-fast tethering in Lightroom Classic — the update included an overhaul of tethering for …

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Here Are The Coolest Photography Links Of The Week For Your Enjoyment

[ad_1] We’ve had another terrific week here in the world of photography with authors and artists from all styles and genres of photography sharing great shots and articles. This weeks hand-curated list is composed of a large variety of different subjects with something here for everyone. We really hope you enjoy checking out all these …

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How To Use The Path Blur n Photoshop To Add DYNAMIC Blurs

[ad_1] In this tutorial, you’re going to learn to use the Path Blur in Photoshop to add dynamic blurs. The Path Blur Filter is one of the 5 Filter available in the Blur Gallery. This filter allows you to add motion blur effects to an image using paths. This is a stylized effect that works great …

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AI-Powered Luminar 3 Sees a New Major Update and Improvements

[ad_1] Skylum Software announced a major update for Luminar 3, a subscription-free photo editing and browsing software. Check out what’s new in this latest update. Luminar 3 prides itself on using artificial intelligence and adapting to your editing style, and giving you powerful professional tools for editing your photographs. We have previously written about Luminar 3 and whether it’s on par with Lightroom, and …

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Users of Old Versions of Lightroom: Say Goodbye to the Map Module

[ad_1] As of the end of November, 2018, the Map module will no longer work in Lightroom 4, 5, 6, CC 2015, and Classic CC 7.x. (You’ll receive an “Oops” message: “This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.”) To use the Map module you’ll need to upgrade to Lightroom Classic …

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